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Cultivate what
is precious.
We help you take care of the things
that surround you so that they retain
their value, history, functionality
and magic as long as possible.
Discover our products for care,
cleaning and renovation.

We take shoes on!
You do yours!
Shoe care tips
We share our expert knowledge!
(PL) Wybierz zdrowie. Wybierz Anatomic Line.
Our wonderful furniture
Shoetrees? Obligatorily!
Ten rules for clean and well-tended footwear.
How to read icons on packaging?
Shoe insoles.
Coarse but not greasy. How to clean the uppers of sneakers?
Casual, but with elegance. How to take care of suede shoes?
In a winter… How to take care of shoes in winter?
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New Eco Line products
For a conscious and responsible manufacturer, the path to the future can only lead in one direction - consistent work on improving processes, improving formulas and ensuring that e...
Our crown jewel at MICAM – Cocciné ECO LINE
MICAM Fair, that’s where Coccine Premium was presented to the world.
Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko is an ambassador of Cocciné brand