Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko is an ambassador of Cocciné brand - Coccine
Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko is an ambassador of Cocciné brand
Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko is a woman of many talents - she looks after her family stud, has written a book, is involved in a lot of sports and media projects, also fulfills the role of a mother and wife. Her riding passion, closely related to leather products (from riding boots to saddles and specialized accessories), became the basis for establishing cooperation with Cocciné brand.

“The closer we got to know Ms. Karolina, the more confident we were that she should represent our brand,” says Monika Orlińska, the president of DAKOMA Ltd. , the owner of Cocciné brand, a manufacturer of cosmetics, insoles and accessories for footwear, haberdashery and other leather items. “Ms. Karolina represents values ​​which are close to us, such as family, tradition, passion and health. She pays attention to quality even of small details and makes responsible decisions. We couldn’t find a better ambassador. ”

Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko: “Cocciné products are ready-made solutions to problems we face in everyday life. Shabby toe box, sofa splashed with sauce, gloves or belt that need refreshment. In addition, special lines of products for hobbyists: enthusiasts of horse riding, motorcycle sports, runners or cyclists. I admit I was surprised when I learned that a small company in Wiązowna near Warsaw is able to take care not only of our favorite footwear, but also our feet – they produce different types of insoles – elegant, hygienic and preventive, and even have a special line of cosmetics for legs. “

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Karolina Ferenstein-Kraśko is an ambassador of Cocciné brand
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