MICAM Fair, that’s where Coccine Premium was presented to the world. - Coccine
MICAM Fair, that’s where Coccine Premium was presented to the world.
From 15th to 18th September, 2019, with Coccine brand, we participated in MICAM trade fair, which, as every year, is traditionally held in Milan in sunny Italy. A special industry event brings together professionals and the world of business from around the world in one place. As the organizer's statistics show - the September meeting attracted representatives of 1303 companies and over 44 000 visitors to the capital of Lombardy. Therefore, MICAM is a perfect place where cosmetics and shoe accessories can be presented to the global market.

This year’s fair was a special event – it has been exactly 50 years since the first international meeting of manufacturers of footwear and footwear accessories in Milan. This is a great opportunity to summarize how the fair has evolved along with changing fashion, market trends and other conditions. That is why It’s Shoe Time exhibition – a fascinating journey in time, measured by changes in shape, style and form of footwear over the last 50 years – enjoyed great interest of visitors to the fair.

MICAM … a place perfect for the Premium brand.

MICAM visitors are footwear experts who have been creating and looking for trends and ideas in the footwear industry for years. There are not many fairs and events which bring together the largest and most dynamically developing producers in the industry. Constantly changing and increasing needs and requirements of customers are a perfect incentive to create new and better products. Based on this assumption, this year’s edition of MICAM was a natural place for us to show new products in refreshed Coccine Premium series. The time we devoted before the Fair was an investment for us to improve Coccine brand. We’ve wanted to prepare products whose high quality will be a benchmark for cosmetics and footwear accessories. We knew that our work was exemplary, that is why we proudly presented products from Coccine Premium series to experts from around the world.

Interest exceeded our expectations.

A wide range of Coccine products made a great impression on visitors. First of all, we showed that we are able to respond to market needs and create products which meet the highest customers’ requirements from around the world. As a family company with over 20 years of experience, having been producing Coccine products in the heart of Europe, we have been proving for years that it is possible to successfully combine tradition and modernity. Traditional values ​​as well as innovative production and market approach have been an effective recipe for years, which we gladly share in the form of our products.

We had many meetings, we met representatives of 26 countries, such as Kuwait, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Argentina and … Poland. Presenting our wide offer, we encountered recognition and interest, which will certainly result in the development of products on markets not only of European countries, but also of the whole world.

There were many Polish exhibitors at MICAM. Poland is the fourth European footwear manufacturer – companies such as Ryłko and Conhpol have been successfully participating in all editions of this fair for years.

Which products were the most popular? MICAM confirmed that the world of footwear users has no artificial boundaries, and lovers of all kinds of shoes reach for Coccine products that are the most popular on the domestic market.

The most popular are various types of footwear waterproofers. Not only our flagship Antiacqua is leading here, but also the new Nano Water Block in a large package – currently the most effective spray on the market.

All nubuck and suede care products enjoy a lot of interest. Shoe Wax – seemingly classic – is also extremely popular. As for the novelties presented during this year’s edition, products from Coccine Sneakers Line series attracted particular interest. This is a coherent line of products intended for the young and dynamic recipient, for shoes constituting the current trend on the footwear market – casual with bright soles.

How about insoles? Most of all, Anatomic Line series. This is a specially designed series of insoles, dedicated to all users who value health. Many Anatomic Line products support walking and keeping feet in proper condition and form. Insoles addressed to sports shoes are also popular because of their innovative solutions for physical activity – both professional and amateur.

One of the most important aspects of business talks was the possibility of establishing cooperation on a “private label” basis. Thanks to these solutions, we are able to flexibly approach any commercial cooperation.

It is worth showing your best side.

We put a lot of emphasis on the visual aspect of the stand. We designed it mainly with the best display of Coccine products in mind. Dakoma stand was right next to the main catwalk and the place where the most important presentations took place. Good location and visibility from the shows and catwalk naturally allowed many participants to encounter Coccine brand.

We are looking forward to next editions. We’re preparing new products, creating new product lines and implementing innovative solutions which will set industry standards. That is why we are so eager to participate in all fairs and meetings on the international arena to present the latest and most effective solutions for cleaning and care of footwear.

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