Our wonderful furniture - Coccine
Our wonderful furniture
At home we have different types of furniture, but it is not the type of furniture that is important, but its style and the material it’s made of. Some love minimalist style, others full gloss furniture, yet others enjoy the look of wooden furniture with a clear and natural structure of rings. For the latter, we recommend wax based on natural bee wax. Cocciné Universal Beeswax is a product for the care of wooden furniture, panelling, parquet and planks. It nourishes wood fibres, emphasizes ring pattern and brings out the natural beauty of wooden furniture. The wax finishes, protects and shines the wood surface. It increases the resistance of wood to water and dirt and emphasizes its structure. Especially recommended for care, as well as for renovation and restoration of old furniture.

Wooden furniture has its charm.

Wooden furniture requires special care. Perhaps you have a table or a chest of drawers at home, which have been in your family for generations and you do not know how to take care of such furniture. Their value is not only sentimental – “ancient” furniture command a good price and maintaining it properly over time only increases its market value. In short, such furniture is a treasure. And the treasure must be taken care of. To start with, we recommend wax based on natural bee wax. Safe to use and with very pleasant fragrance, it nourishes the wood fibres and emphasizes ring pattern.

What’s more, wax protects the wood from moisture, i.e. it simply protects it from harmful external factors. Not only against moisture, but also against dirt and dust. That is why systematic care of our furniture is so important – wood should be taken care of so that it will pay off not only with its beautiful appearance but also with a long life.


Water and moisture… all this can destroy a wooden table for example.

We brought to our “workshop” a dozen or so years old wooden table. We systematically take care of it, so the difference won’t be as visible as in case of neglected furniture. But you will still see it anyway J

How to care for your table with Cocciné Universal Beeswax? We will show it in a few simple steps.


STEP 1: We purchase a jar of Cocciné Universal Beeswax


For the purpose of the test, we have stuck a tape to the table – the left side will soon be “treated” with the wax visible in the picture.

STEP 2: We apply the wax to a sponge or cloth.


When you open the jar, you will smell beautiful fragrance ?

STEP 3: Apply the wax to the table surface.




Apply the wax evenly in different directions.


STEP 4: We wait until it dries.

STEP 5: Now we polish.

Note: For polishing use a good cloth, which will absorb the wax layer and give a nice shine. We used felt for this purpose, but you will get even a better result with an old flannel shirt.

We polish vigorously and thoroughly.


STEP 6: We peel off the tape and…


Can you see the difference?

On the left, the table after using Cocciné Universal Beeswax.


The colour has become deeper, clearer, the furniture even shines. And you have to take our word for it – there is beautiful scent in the room. There are no detergents or other chemicals, just pleasant natural wax. Such care of furniture is sheer pleasure 😉


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