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Healthy feet
Healthy feet
We love shoes, we do not forget about your feet.

Your feet are just as important as your other body parts. We love with heart, we think with our head, and we move right on our feet. That is why it is so important that our feet are in best condition. Thanks to them you will gladly travel your life path. Coccine Anatomic Line products help keep feet healthy and facilitate walking. Healthy feet are not only relief for the whole body, but also mental comfort. It is with well-being and health in mind we have created Coccine Anatomic Line products. Medical insoles, bunion covers, gel heel pads for the elderly, children and adults are only some products from the entire portfolio.


Silky Fresh

Known as “spray tights” or “liquid silk”. It prevents the feet from chafing in the shoes, especially when barefoot. Thanks to it, the skin becomes perfectly dry and smooth like velvet. It leaves freshness and a beautiful fragrance for several hours.



Self-adhesive, made of profiled MEMORY FOAM and soft velour fabric. It increases the comfort of walking. It prevents the shoes against sliding off the heels and it protects the heel from abrasion. Particulary it is recommended for shoes with to high counters and for loose-fit shoes.

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