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It is worth taking care of every object at home!

Your beloved leather armchair. An upholstered sofa that every household member likes, including the cat. The wooden table in your dining room, where you meet the whole family. All items that surround you at home create its ambience … and require cleaning, care or minor renovations. Our products will restore their shine, color, flexibility and protect against dirt.


Cocciné Meblux

Antistatic product for wooden furniture care. Effectively prevents dust from settling, provides shine and fresh appearance. For use on varnished and laminated surfaces, and household appliances.


Cocciné Beeswax

Wax for furniture care, wall panelling, parquets, planks of wood. Nourishes wood fibres, emphasizes the pattern of tree rings, brings out the natural beauty. Based on natural beeswax. Anti-skid. Leaves fresh scent.

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