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New Eco Line products
Although the coronavirus has caused strong turbulence in the economy, as well as in demand and supply, we still consume more and more. Fashion, wide market offer, better and better financial status of Polish families - all these factors have systematically increased the demand for new shoes over the years. Moreover, we don’t want to waste our valuable time on protection and proper care of the shoes from the previous season. However, are we wondering what will happen to the next pair of shoes when we need space on our shelf for the next and next one? How many millions of non-recyclable, durable waste shoes are generated in our country? Zero waste, i.e. an attempt at such consumption which does not generate more waste than necessary, is the first answer the world should give to the unrestrained desire to throw away, littering the planet. Part of this movement is care for the objects around us. Concern for extending their lives, maintaining their functional and aesthetic parameters. In a word, ecological commandment number one: take care of what you have, don't throw it away if you don't have to.

For a conscious and responsible manufacturer, the path to the future can only lead in one direction – consistent work on improving processes, improving formulas and ensuring that each stage of the product life is safe for the user and not harmful to the environment. Especially as more and more consumers try to buy consciously and choose responsibly. Choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products is a must for every family which wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and think what world they will leave to their children. In response to these needs, the Cocciné Eco product line was launched. It is a completely new line of shoe cleaning and care products with a long list of benefits of using them. The most important reason is, of course, the safety of household members, family and animals, and the reduction of chemical compounds in the air. The efficiency of Eco line is comparable to that of standard products based on synthetic ingredients. Let’s summarize ecological commandment number two: if you’re using something, read what you’re buying and try to choose products which are as environmentally friendly as possible.

All right, but what are these Cocciné eco-friendly products and why can you call them “ECO” with a clear conscience? The basis of the recipe is made of components that are safe for humans and environmentally neutral, based on natural ingredients such as beeswax, vegetable fats and natural aromas. The packaging is recyclable (aluminium, glass) or made from recycled raw materials – plastic and paper. In order to reduce emission of gases into the atmosphere, we have resigned from spray products and in our ECO line we offer only products in bottles with atomizer (spray pump).

The series includes six products for six basic shoe care stages and two types of fully organic insoles.

First, cleaning: Cocciné Eco Clean is a liquid cleaning product for all types of leather and textiles, dedicated to removing soiling from suede or nubuck. It is manufactured using technologies which minimize environmental impact and are safer for health than similar products manufactured in a traditional way.

Number two is a product for the inside of footwear: an efficient and effective deodorant Cocciné Eco Deo for footwear. It quickly and easily refreshes the shoe inside, blocking unpleasant odours. Using the deodorant does not have a negative impact on the environment, it was developed on the basis of natural and friendly products for humans and the environment.

The third one is a refreshing and colour-aligning product for suede and nubuck, including shoes with TEX membrane, Cocciné Eco Nubuck. Restores the natural, vibrant colour and original “fluffy” effect of nubuck and suede. Available colourless and black. Like the products mentioned above, Cocciné Eco Nubuck is produced to the highest standards to protect the environment and distributed in an aluminium atomiser bottle.

It is time to take care of your grain leather. Two other exceptional products are Cocciné Eco Cream and Cocciné Eco Grease. The first one is a sensational, natural grain leather care product. It gives an elegant, high gloss and refreshes colour very well. It effectively increases the elasticity and strength of the leather, protects against dust settling. Developed based on the latest ecological technologies – contains precious Carnauba wax and Shea butter. Cocciné Eco Grease is a fat for grain leather, softening and protecting footwear. It efficiently prevents water absorption, soaking and hardening of leather, e.g. due to soaking and drying. It significantly increases the elasticity and durability of leather. Both products are packed in glass jars with aluminium caps.

Last but not least, water protection: Cocciné Eco Protector. It is a colourless waterproofer in an atomizer bottle which protects footwear from getting wet. Gentle protective layer does not block the migration of air from shoe inside, so the foot does not sweat. It effectively blocks the penetration of dirt particles into the structure of the footwear surface.

There is still comfort and care for the inside of a shoe. Our offer includes comfort insoles made of special latex, which contain material recovered from plastic fished from the oceans. As for using it, the insole is like all latex ones – comfortable, soft, durable and safe. But what a gain for the planet! The second proposal is an insole made of completely natural and classic materials: natural cork covered with linen and finished with a cotton ribbon. Everything is clean and safe for our skin, and at the same time extremely durable, in accordance with the idea of zero waste.

No matter how the fight against the coronavirus epidemic ends, our planet is already very littered. Maybe it’s time to write a new chapter and start taking care of it, as we should have since the very beginning?

Every product in the Cocciné Eco Line is sensational. Together they make a perfect team which is safe for shoes, the environment and health.

You can already buy Cocciné Eco series at the company Cocciné store.

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