Hi-end insoles - Coccine
Hi-end insoles
Three new advanced shoe insoles for sneakers and active life lovers have just come out of new thermoforming presses: City Comfort, Trekking Trace and Universal Sport.

Cocciné Sneakers Line has just been extended by new profiled shoe insoles. The series includes three products composed in layers of various materials (such as EVA, PU, PES, MEMORY). For those who are physically active, we offer Sport Universal, for those looking for excitement during hikes and walks in difficult terrain – Trekking Trace, and for all those who need comfort in everyday sports or casual footwear – City Comfort.

Coccine Universal Sport is a soft at the front and stable and stiffened insole at the back which provides comfort under the forefoot and heel stabilisation when changing movement direction. It supports proper leg biomechanics and takes care of your feet during sports. Durable and flexible construction does not lose its properties during use.

Coccine Trekking Trace was designed for lovers of remote trails away from civilization – a multilayer, stiffened insole with a heel channel that keeps the foot stable, even during long hikes. It is also flexible enough to absorb microshocks. Profiled construction gently supports the transverse arch of the foot and prevents the foot from moving in the shoe.

Coccine City Comfort insole is designed to prevent foot pain and fatigue. Like a gentle cushion it adjusts to the shape of the foot, takes on the pressure and cushions. The composition of foam, latex, sponge and breathable textile material allows your feet to remain in good shape while taking city routes.

Regardless of how we like to spend our free time, with Coccine Sneakers Line products you can prepare properly and safely do various activities.

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