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Effective recipes are the secret to success
Chemistry is a field of science which has entered virtually every area of life in recent decades. Thanks to chemistry we have such things as cosmetics and medicines, better clothing and food, fuels, packaging and house appliances. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2019 was awarded for lithium-ion batteries, which can revolutionize mobile devices - nowadays, the level of batteries in electric cars or smartphones is a problem for many of us (range, operating time).

We decided to show you how much depends on the work of our chemists. Here in the laboratory in Wiązowna near Warsaw Cocciné products are made, which you can see on store shelves in Poland and around the world. Carefully developed formulas are subject to systematic improvement - our pastes, creams and foams are constantly being tested and we keep working on improving the composition.

The tasks set in the laboratory are not easy. The growing demands of our customers mean we have to meet their specific needs, looking for new possibilities to make Cocciné products even better, more efficient and based on the latest scientific findings, such as the bacteriological and fungicidal properties of silver and silicon nanoparticles. This is how Cocciné Nano series of nanoparticles was created.

You can buy products from Cocciné Nano series HERE

Currently, our chemists are focusing on technologies and ingredients which are as environmentally friendly as possible. The results of this work are ecological products from Cocciné Eco Line series. Their safety properties for the user and their relatives have been tested and certified by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene.

You can buy products from Cocciné Eco Line series HERE

However, just developing a formula is not enough. The product still has to be tested – in normal but also in extreme conditions, used as intended and in a completely absurd way. Before a product is launched into the market, we must know everything about it. And the results of trials and tests can be different – sometimes you need to improve the colour, sometimes the consistency, other times you need to change the packaging or the application. And only such continuous, consistent work brings results. Repeated trials, numerous tests and continuous product development make it possible to make a bold thesis – Cocciné laboratory has created the best shoe polish on the market, which you will soon be able to check on your own shoes.

But not only creams or pastes are created here from scratch. It’s also about waterproofer or all kinds of cleaning products in sprays or foams. Here too, for example, deodorants for shoes with different fragrance compositions are developed. Last but not least, colouring products help to refresh the colour and look of your favourite shoes. They are subject – nonetheless – to thorough internal and external tests, and the results collected from the market are the basis for deciding whether or not to launch the product.

Market information and consumer feedback is perhaps the most valuable thing that not only the sales department but also the laboratory can get. With information on needs and trends, as well as individual comments on the use and usefulness of the product, the laboratory produces better shoe cleaning and care products every day, year after year. Current deodorants, correction agents, degreasers or cleaning foams work faster, more effectively and better protect your footwear even in extremely difficult conditions. A special Cocciné Sneakers Line has been created for the care and protection of sports and tourist footwear.

You can buy products from Cocciné Sneakers Line series HERE.

The contents of a jar or can is the result of many years of work, trials and modifications to the composition. So when you get down to shoe cleaning and care, remember that Cocciné product was created by a team of experienced and dedicated chemists. People who have been creating recipes for years for you and your shoes.

New products? Who knows… before they are launched into the market they must meet the highest standards.

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